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System Fields

System fields are fields created by BotBuildersTech that allow you to access many contact and bot data that are automatically saved by BotBuildersTech. BotBuildersTech has many system fields, and not all system fields are visible when you build your bot. If you use a system field on your bot, even if the system field isn’t […]

Google Business Messages Automation

Google Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Google Search, and brand websites to create rich messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results. Getting Started Navigate to Settings > Channels > Google Business Message and click Connect to starting work with Google Business Message. Testing the […]

Set up Omnichannel Links

Omnichannel link allows your users to easily choose which channel they want to communicate with your business. If your business uses more than one channel to communicate with customers, instead of sharing all your channel’s links, you can share a single link Omnichannel Link, and your customers will choose the best best way they want […]

Auto reply to voice messages

Your business should let your customers communicate in the way that they want and if they communicate with your business by sending a voice message your business should be able to respond automatically. Some channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram allow your customers to send voice messages to your bot. In this article, you […]

Send Pixel Conversion Events to Facebook

Conversion events allow you to track actions that occur in your Messenger bot, such as purchase or submit application events. By tracking these events, you can measure ad performance and build audiences for ad targeting. Conversion events allow you to analyze how users interact with your Messenger experience. This feature is only available for Messenger […]

Find Nearby Businesses Within Bot

Businesses that have multiple locations can allow their bot to help their customer easily find the location near them. User shares their location inside the bot, and the bot finds the location closest to the user. Supported Channels Not all channels allow users to send their location to the bot. Currently, this feature is supported […]

Viber Automation

BotBuilders allows you to easily create Viber bots for free to automate conversations between your business and your customers. Unlike Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram which have limitations on when you can send contacts a free broadcast messages (24h window), Viber doesn’t have any limitations on when you can send a contact a message. On the […]

Whatsapp Automation via Cloud API

BotBuilders allows you to easily create WhatsApp bots to automate conversations between your business and your customers using the official WhatsApp API (WhatsApp Cloud API). Currently, WhatsApp Cloud API is open to everyone that wants to create WhatsApp automation for their own business. Are my client’s compliance needs met by the WhatsApp Cloud API? The […]

Messenger Lists – Recurring Notifications in Messenger

Note: Facebook has renamed the Recurring Notifications as Messenger Lists Messenger Lists allow your businesses to send recurring notifications on a topic a user has opted-in to receive. During the 24-hour messaging window, a business can request to send users notifications at a set frequency, either on a daily, a weekly, or a monthly basis, […]

Import Subscribers from Other Bot Platforms

The Import User tool allows you to import subscribers from Facebook or Manychat. No matter what platform you used before to build your Messenger bot, you can import the subscribers easily from Facebook. If you are importing users from Manychat, then you can also important user data like tags and custom fields. To import users, […]