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Find Nearby Businesses Within Bot

Businesses that have multiple locations can allow their bot to help their customer easily find the location near them. User shares their location inside the bot, and the bot finds the location closest to the user.

Supported Channels

Not all channels allow users to send their location to the bot. Currently, this feature is supported by WhatsAppTelegramViber, and Messenger (Android),

Register your business locations inside the bot

You need to register all your locations inside the bot to allow your bot to help your customer to find locations near to them.

Navigate to Menu > Tools > Places Near Me

As you can see in the above image, must know the Latitude and Longitude of your location. You can get it from Google Maps. Find your location on Google Maps, click on your location, and you will see the Latitude and Longitude of your location.

Setup the flow

You need to use the Get User Data to ask for the user Location.

You can save the user location in any custom field.

After the user share the location, use Actions > More Options > Find locations near me