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Set Up Personas

Bot profile is simply the chatbot persona, you can change the Messenger chatbot’s profile name and image using this feature. 

It can be helpful on special occasions to wish & celebrate with your subscribers on the conversation. 

The below image will help you to understand more about bot persona.

Bot profile

In this above image, you can see different profile pictures from the single Facebook page inbox. This is how the bot persona works. Follow the steps below to know how to create a bot persona for your chatbot.

Number one step to create a bot persona is selecting the right tool.

Navigate to Menu > Tools > Personas > Add Persona.

bot persona creation

 A popup will appear similar to the above image. In this popup, 

  • Name – Give a new name for your bot profile.
  • Image URL – Paste the URL of the image to set this as a profile picture of the chatbot.

Now, go to Settings > General > Bot Profile to set that persona as your profile.

Bot profile setting

That’s it. You Messenger chatbot has a new bot profile and it will reflect on the conversation with your subscribers.  

Note: You can create “n” number of bot persona on chatrace platform to give more personalisation to your subscribers.