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What is Zapier?

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Zapier is one of the most popular platforms where you can connect different apps together to create your own automation. BotBuilders has designed its own app for the platform from where you can easily build any automation you like.

How to Connect to Zapier

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To be able to Connect BotBuilders to Zapier here is what you do

Go to your main menu -> settings -> integrations -> search for Zapier. Then press the but BotBuilders in Zapier and a new tab will open. from there you only have to press the button Accept invite & Build a zap.

Inserting your API key

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The next step is to fetch your API key from BotBuilders and insert this into the app in Zapier so it can get synchronized and fetch all your data from BotBuilders.

This is how you do that

From here you are basically all set. Just like with the Integromat integration you have different triggers at your disposal.

Let’s take a look

Trigger Zap from BotBuilders

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In the BotBuilders platform, you can trigger a zap by performing it as an action inside the flow builder. Just go to actions -> Trigger Zap and give your zap event a name. Afterward, press the publish button in the top right corner to publish the flow and head over the Zapier to find your event you just created inside of BotBuilders.

This set up will let Zapier know when you want to trigger a certain zap and continue that automation.

But there are more actions at your disposal to work with of course.

So let’s take a look