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Set Up Greeting Message

The greeting message is the first message that an audience can see when they come to your Messenger chatbot.

Take a look at the below image.

Greeting Message

Your Messenger chatbot’s greeting message will get displayed here (in the image) like a business description. Use this feature to turn your audience into subscribers and tell them about your business with a short description.

Learn the steps below to know how to set greeting messages in different languages.

Yes, you can set greeting messages in various languages based on your audience application language.

To create a greeting message, navigate to Menu > Settings > Channels > Greeting > Edit.

Then, enter your greeting message on the given field and save the process. That’s it.

If you want to use multi-language greeting messages, select “+ Language” drop-down menu and choose the languages as per your requirement.

Greeting Message Language

You can create “n” number of greetings with multiple languages which are supported by Facebook.